Eliminate unpleasant smells as well as airborne viruses and bacteria.
Prozone® is designed for portable or fixed settings, helping to eliminate unpleasant smells in many locations.

The automatic ozone generator & odour neutraliser destroys harmful micro-organisms, killing up to 99.5% of airborne viruses. Meanwhile odour causing compounds are broken down.

Dimensions (mm): 210mm(h) x 135mm(w) x 85mm(d).
Capacity: Adjustable ozone production to match room sizes up to 150m³.
Operation: Mains operated, fixed or portable application.
Voltage: 85v-264V. 50/60 Hz.
Fuse rating: 5A.
Power rating: 14 watts.
Ozone production: 2mg/hr (MIN) 15mg/hr (LOW) 40mg/hr (MED) 80mg/hr (HIGH).
Weight: 1kg (approx.) / 2lb, 3oz.